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NONGBOO MIND is a startup that began from the Department of Smart Experience Design at the Graduate School of Techno Design at Kookmin University. It is a private research institution that has officially obtained license for cultivation of medical cannabis and conduct research on THC and CBD extraction.

Consisting of master's and docrotare researchers from the department of agricultural service deisgn,

our team plans to deepen our expertise in medical cannabis cultivation and industrialization through expanding our team and recruiting field professionals.

Urban Agriculture Research

NONGBOO MIND consists of master's and doctorate researchers of Kookmin University.

We have been studying the field of agricultural service design for six years,

and have been recognized as a leading research institute in the field of urban agriculture.

With the goal of revitalizing urban agriculture and improving urban living environments,

we conduct studies of domestic and international cases, with a focus on user experience.

Medical Cannabis Research

After being obtaining qualifications as Narcotics Researcher in September of 2018, NONGBOO MIND's researchers have been studying the cultivation, nalaysis, extraction, and management systems of medical cannabis.

In addition, Medical Cannabis Seminars have been held to facilitate knowledge exchange between medical cannabis experts and related organiations in South Korea and abroad.


Hydroponics Research

Our Hydropinics resaerch focuses on understanding the current status and paradigm of hydroponic cultivation technology,

and developing platforms and services that can be utilized

in urban agriculture.


Affiliated Domestic and International Organizations

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