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'Gyeongsangbuk-do Industrial Hemp Regulatory Free Zone Business Meeting'

On the 10th, Nongboo Mind attended the Gyeongbuk Industrial Hemp Regulatory Free Zone Business Meeting held at the Gyeongbuk Biol Industry Research Institute.

On this day, Chil-seung Kwon, Minister of SMEs and Startups, visited to check the progress of the project and to participate in the free discussion of the details and difficulties of the field.

Main topics discussed include support measurs for special aone operators, developing overseas markets for cannabidiol (CBD), and resolving social prejudice against Cannabis. Minister Kwon stated, "We plan to actively overhaul regulations in consultation with related ministries to open new markets."

Nongboo Mind also will continue its research on sntadardizing the cultivation of medical cannabis and extraction of ingredients, for meaningful results for the project.


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